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3 Albums + 2 Bands To Listen To When Feeling Melancholic

 Let`s be honest, we all have those days when melancholia and sadness overwhelm us. Being sad is totally ok, either with or without a reason.

 For me melancholia is a massive source of inspiration, for when I`m melancholic I`m more likely to create something full of meaning. So, if you, just like me, feel the need to sometimes nourish your sadness instead of getting rid of it, here is a list of 3 albums and 2 bands I personaly LOVE to listen to on those sad day.

1."Horn of Plenty" by Grizzly Bear

 Honeslty, this is the album that inspired me to write this post. There are songs and music albums that are cool or awesome, but this one can`t be describe with any other words than purely beautiful (you can say the same about all the albums I`m going to write about, tho!). This is a perfect album to listen to while laying on the grass in the middle of a field full with wild flowers and watching the clouds pass by. 

2."13" by Blur

  I get mad when people call Blur "The Band With The WOO-HOO Song". Because a)Blur is one of my favorite bands and b)"Song 2" (aka "The WOO-HOO Song") is very far from being their best song. Personally for me "13" is a sad album, because it`s been there with me through some hard times (yeah, I call growing up hard times!). "No Distance Left To Run" and "Caramel" are my favorite ones.

3."Turn On The Bright Lights" by Interpol

This one is great to listen to both when happy and sad. But there are some songs on this album that have, as I like to call it, a "heavy" sound. Perhaps this "heavy" sound is the little thing that makes you enjoy Interpol while melancholic.

4.Shape of Desapair

To start off, let me say that Shape of Despair is completely different from all the other bands I`ve talked about in this post. 
 It`s a funeral doom metal band, but don`t let the genre scare you! This is the most beautiful metal music I have ever heared in my life and I actually like to show it to people who affirm that metal music is just lots of screaming and growling. Shape of Despair makes you breathe heavily and hairs on the back of your neck stand. 

5.Sigur Ros

 I`m pretty sure you already know about Sigur Ros. And if you don`t, mate, you`re missing out! First of all, they`re Icelandic, and I have this weird belief that everything Icelandic is super cool.  Secondly, their music is GODLIKE! All their songs are beautiful. And when I say all, I really mean it. 

 Last year, when I`ve been at a summer camp, we had a bonfire on the last night. I was sitting their with my headphones on, listening to "Svefn-g-Englar" and watching little sparks of fire dissapear into the night sky. This was one of the most magical things I have ever experienced.

 What is your favorite music to be sad with? 

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