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How my short hair made me stronger

 On September 18th of 2015, almost a year from now I`ve cut my hair very short. I have never been one of those people who are madly attached to their hair`s colour or length, so going for a pixie cut was more like a fun experience for me. In the end, human hair has the wonderful ability to grow back, right? Watching myself in the mirror I felt beautiful. It was one of those rare moments when you look at your reflection and you truly and strongly like how you look. This feeling disappeared when I walked out of the hairdresser`s and on the street, though.

 It saddens me deeply that, in the year 2016, we still choose to unapologetically judge people by the way they want to look. My pixie cut created waves of misunderstanding, judging, ugly looks and stupid comments not only on the street, but also among my fellow schoolmates. Honestly, I think I`ve heard it all.

People talking about of my sexuality because of my hair? Check.

People staring at me like I have blue skin and three eyes? Check.

My teachers aka ADULT PEOPLE telling me aka A TEENAGER that I look weird? Check.

Guys giving me nasty comments as I walked by? Check.

 I think the worst part about this whole situation wasn`t me being insulted. At the end of the day, I`ve learned not to pay attention to all those comments(aka not to give a damn), though it was hella difficult. 

The worst part is that our society isn`t ready to welcome anything that is, even the tiniest bit, different from average and usual. 

The worst part is that people get instinctively aggressive when they see something a little bit more strange or weird in other people`s appearance. 

The worst part is that my experience has proven me that bullying is actually very real.

 Now, this post isn`t about me complaining. I was eager to tell this story because my experience made me stronger. It might sound like a paradox, but all those stares and comments helped me become fierce and unapologetically myself. 

So, if you are thinking about cutting you hair, colouring it, maybe getting a piercing or wearing a dark blue lipstick, or maybe you`re a guy who wants to grow his hair long and you are not sure about others` opinion on you,  the only advice I will give you is DO IT! 
 Do it without feeling sorry, without worrying about the dirty looks in the parks, without fear of others` reaction! 
 If you know it would make you beautiful, DO IT! 
 If you know it would make you happy, DO IT! 

In the end, people will judge you anyway, with long hair or short, with green hair or brown, so why not to make a fun thing out of it?

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